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White And Black 26”Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Foldable Frame Bicycle

White And Black 26”Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Foldable Frame Bicycle


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Elevate your cycling adventures with our 21-speed 26” mountain bike, thoughtfully engineered for both style and efficiency. Designed to serve both men and women, it boasts a lightweight yet durable spoke aluminum wheel construction and a sophisticated suspension system for smoother rides. With factory-tuned mechanical disc brakes and chain propulsion, you're guaranteed reliable performance and safety. Additionally, its adjustable seat accommodates riders between 5'3" and 6'2". Whether you're tackling mountainous terrains or urban paths, this bike is your trusted companion, combining durability, style, and advanced features in one package.
  • Durable Spoke Aluminum Wheels: Ensures a lightweight build while maintaining durability for those challenging rides.
  • Unisex Design: Suitable for both men and women.
  • Advanced Suspension: Experience smoother rides with our fashionable and efficient suspension system.
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes: Ensuring swift and safe stops every time.
  • Pre-adjusted Components: The bicycle comes factory-tuned for shifting and braking. Should you need any adjustments, the disc brakes adapt easily.
  • Easy Installation: A breeze to assemble, and if you need guidance, our customer service is here to help!
  • Color: Signature paint with inlaid decals.
  • Bike Type: 21-speed, 26-inch mountain bike.
  • Flywheel: 7 tower wheels.
  • Frame Size: Approximately 17-inch frame with a 3S bottom bracket.
  • Chain Propulsion: Ensuring steady and efficient movement.
  • Durable Components: 108 chain, PVC foot pedal, bold 31.8 front fork.
  • Tires: Sturdy spoke wheels with aluminum alloy double rims.
  • Brakes: Reliable Polly dual disc brakes.
  • Rider Height: Suitable for individuals between 4.8" and 5.8".
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