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Power Play 600 Portable Power Station, 640Wh Backup LiFePO4 Battery, 110V/600W AC Outlet

Power Play 600 Portable Power Station, 640Wh Backup LiFePO4 Battery, 110V/600W AC Outlet


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‎20 Pounds

Product Dimensions

8.7"L x 8.5"W x 10.4"H

Warranty Description

3-Year Warranty

Battery Type


Battery Capacity


AC Output

2*110V/600W (Surge 1200W)

USB-A Output

3*USB-A Ports

USB-C Output

1*PD 60W

DC Output

2*DC5521+1*Car Socket -12V/10A

DC Input

1*DC5521 Input(100W Max)

Included Components

‎Power Adapter, Clamps, Car Charging Cable, Storage Bag

  • Ultra Safe and Durable LFP Power Station: The AISPEX power station, equipped with a built-in super-safe BMS (Battery Management System), offers up to 10 battery protection to ensure safe charging.” This 640WH LiFePO4 (LFP) battery boasts an impressive lifespan, enduring up to 2,000+ full charge cycles before its capacity gradually reduces to 80% of the original.

  • Sustain Your Everyday Device: Featuring a pure sine wave output of 600W, the AISPEX power station is a must-have for charging your daily devices. APS-600 can even run devices with rated power up to 1200 watts (It’s primarily suitable for resistive loads such as lights, space heaters, toasters, ovens, and coffee makers.)
  • Charging Up To 9 Devices Simultaneously: AISPEX power station has a complete output ports including 2*110V/600W AC Outlets, 2*12V/10A DC5521 Outputs, 1*12V/10A Car Port, 3*USB-A Outputs, 1*TYPE C PD60W Output, 1* 1000A max Jumper Starter and LCD screen. Looking to streamline the clutter of charging multiple devices? Simplify your setup by using just one power station.
  • Versatility without boundaries: Experiencing anxiety during power outages, outdoor excursions, and emergencies? AISPEX power station offers power supply at any place, any time, and keeps all your appliances running during tough times. The jumper starter also helps you rescue your car during road trip. In addition, super bright LED lights owns 3 useful light modes: steady light, strobe, SOS.

  • 3 Charging ways: AISPEX power station features a DC5521(5.5mm*2.1mm) input port that supports 100W Max input power. It can be recharged by three ways: 1)Recharging by 100W AC adapter; 2)Recharging by 12V/10A car outlet(Car charger included); 3)Recharging by 100watt solar panel ( not included, please visit more at AISPEX store)
  • What’s included:  1x AISPEX 600W Power station, 1x AC adapter & charging cable, 1x Car charging cable, 1x User manual and 36-month warranty& 3-year service
    ISPEX Power Play 600

    • Portable Power Station, 640Wh Backup LiFePO4 Battery, Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 110V/600W AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) for Blackouts, Camping, Emergency

    • ULTRA PORTABILITY: The AISPEX 600 power station is under 20lbs and has a built in handle for easy carry. That’s 640Wh of power that you can take anywhere!

    • ULTRA SAFE: LiFePO4 battery is one of the lightest and safest Lithium batteries available. The built-in AC power outlet uses a pure sine wave inverter to ensure that the power output is as good as what you get at home. The built-in multiple circuit safety protection makes it a reliable back-up power source.
    • ULTRA VERSATILITY: With 13 input and output ports, you have multiple options to recharge by AC, DC or with Solar panels. 2 AC ports, 3 usb, 1 USB-C and 2 DC outputs make the Aispex 600 a must have for any outdoor excursion.

    • Additional features include a built in LED light with strobe and SOS option. Included jumper cables for a quick jump if your car battery ever dies, and the option for solar panel recharge so you can spend unlimited time off of the grid.
    • This product has a 36 month limited replacement warranty

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