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Atmosphere Light 15LED RGB APP-USB plug color box

Atmosphere Light 15LED RGB APP-USB plug color box


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Best RGBIC LED Lights

RGBIC LED Strip Lights produce bright, vibrant lighting with rich color for your visual enjoyment. Add in a waterproof design and adjustable brightness, and the traditional means of car interior decoration has truly been left in the dust.

Creative DIY Mode: Choose from over 16 million available colors or customize light effects to your liking in DIY mode via with app. With more creative freedom, you can easily make your car stand out in a unique style.
Dynamic Music Mode: The RGBIC LED Strip Lights built-in mic helps car lights sync smoothly with any music type. Liven up your road trips, weekend getaways, or evening commute with colors that dance vibrantly to your favorite songs.
Smart App Control: With the smart app and the provided control box, you can manage the led interior lights' color, brightness, and music mode. You'll enjoy a comfortable and vibrant driving experience with more convenient control.
Simple Installation: Attach the Best RGBIC LED Lights to your vehicle with the adhesive and support clips after ensuring the surface is dry and clean. Easier installation helps brighten your car, SUV, or truck quickly.

How to Install the Best RGBIC LED Lights in Your Vehicle's Interior?

Epiccross™ RGBIC LED Strip Lights
The Best RGBIC Led Lights produce by Epiccorss™

● Power On/Off with App
● Best RGBIC LED Lights
● Music Sync Mode
● 4 x Strips, 4 x 15 LED Beads
● Power Supplied via 12V Cigarette Lighter/USB

Flexible and Waterproof RGB Car Interior Lights
Epiccross™ RGB Car Inside Lights consist with High-intensity LEDs
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