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RGB Led Headlight

RGB Led Headlight


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RGB Halo LED Headligths, Bluetooth Control

  • This jeep headlight is designed and made by LOYO. The jeep rgb headlight is 7 inch, but you can use JL bracket then it can also fit for Jeep Wrangler 2018.
  • With 121 different color change modes and amber turning lights, you can choose any colors you want. You can also choose to change the function, jumping, fading, flashing, dimming watering and running mode. These modes are controlled by APP, which is super convenient. Connecting via WIFI and bluetooth, the 7 inch round rgb headlight for jeep wrangler can achieve the above functions.


  • This 7inch RGB headlight has these colors:
  • White/Red/Green/Blue/Pink/RGB
  • Function: Jumping, fading, flashing,
  • dimming watering and running mode


  • 1. With Amber turning lights
  • 2. RGB angel eye
  • 3. Change any colors as you want
  • 4. Controlled by APP, and can be connected via wifi and bluetooth
  • 5. 121 different Color change modes
  • 6. With EMC.
  • 7. Only made by LOYO
  • Osram led chip;
  • H4-H13 connector;
  • rebreather hole;
  • with EMC
  • Weight: 1.534kg/pcs;
  • 13.2 kg/8pcs/carton
  • 1pcs/box,8 box 1 carton
  • 8pcs/carton
  • Size: 43x27x55cm


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